Wooo! The Leibster Award! Answering a Few Foodie Questions


I have been honored to receive this Leibster Award from the beautiful Casey (Check out her blog and Instagram @wholeandhealthy) Thank you so much sweetie. In turn, I would like to nominate Carina, from Road To Everywhere

As worded by Casey: “The Leibster Award is given to bloggers to show their appreciation and encouragement. The giver of the award asks 10 questions related to the receiver’s blog and life”

So here are my answers to Casey’s questions for me:

1. Who or what inspires you the most, with your lifestyle, food and cooking?
This would end up being a lengthy essay if I answered in full detail, but the main inspiration/ motivation to the healthy lifestyle I am now living is my experience with anorexia over the past two years. I’m sick of living a ‘life’ revolved around food, numbers, and lies. Making the decision to let all of that go and pursue a health lifestyle is one of the best choices I have made in my life. In terms of food and cooking, a few of my biggest inspirations: Buffy (begoodorganics), Angela (ohsheglows), Sarah (mynewroots) as well as Michelle. All absolutely amazing amazing girls!

2. What is your most common dish, for which you don’t need a recipe anymore because you’ve made it a hundred times?
I would say my papaya milkshake and my creamy oatmeal (recipe coming soon for those who asked for it!) I pretty much had this combination for breakfast everyday of last year!

3. Which cuisine do you love the most?
Now this is a hard one for me to answer, I’m really open minded about trying new cuisines, and I’ve loved all of the ones I’ve tried so far- Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Thai, French, Spanish, Mexican, Italian… Though I must say I’m not the biggest fan of Indian food, a little too rich for my liking. I haven’t answered the question have I? Dear me, well my favorite I would have to say is.. Japanese, because I’m a huge fan of seafood, just can’t get enough of it!

4.Which ingredients do you always have in your stock?
Copious amounts of vegetables and fruits! Everyone in our family love them, we always come home from grocery shopping with 4-5 bags which only sustain us for.. 3 days!
Bananas, my sister and I eat them like it’s no ones business! I like to always a couple frozen for emergency ‘ice cream’ cravings.
Nuts and dried fruits- almonds, walnuts, peanuts, Brazil nuts, cashews, raisins, cranberries, prunes.
Unsweetened almond milk and Greek yogurt, for my pancakes, smoothies and oatmeal of course!

5. What was your biggest cooking-related failure?
Hah. Hah. Hah. One event came to mind immediately, but I’m not going to name it in fear of particular individuals reading this…
I decided to bake cookies for a special occasion, but instead of sticking to my classic cookie recipe I decided to be a risk taker and try something new (which was obviously the wrong choice) Anyway, in addition to messing up the recipe, I also forgot to set the timer on my oven. So nearly two hours after popping them in the oven (I told you it was bad didn’t I?) I began smelling them from upstairs… The sweet smell of completely burnt cookies.
Now let’s just stop the story here.

6. And what was your biggest success/accomplishment?
I would have to say so far, probably my Peanut Butter Cups and Rich Cacao Brownies. Both of which are healthy, raw and vegan!

7. What do you like to do, besides blogging?
I’m not sure if cooking counts, but I love trying out new healthy recipes! I’m very passionate about nutrition and healthy living. I also love dancing, horse riding, taking long walks, lying outside under the sun with a good book- I recently finished “The Fault In Our Stars” By John Green, and it’s now my favourite book!

8. What do you make when you don’t feel like cooking at all?
Defiantly an avocado and smoked salmon toasted sandwich. So quick and easy to whip up, my two favourite foods in one meal- can’t get much better than that!

9. What is your “show-off” dish?
Hmm I’ve never had an opportunity to make a “show-off” dish I think, but if we ever had another family breakfast, I would be more than happy to make 50 pancakes for us all!

10. What is your advice for people who say they cannot cook?
In my opinion, cooking is a skill so it needs to be practiced in order to be improved! Start with simple dishes, if you don’t feel comfortable using the stove too much, try a simple quinoa salad or roasting up some sweet potato chips. Also try to be around the kitchen more when others are cooking (just don’t get in the way) so you can watch and learn!

Thank you again to Casey for this nomination! And now passing it on to Carina!

Love, Jenny xxx


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