Healthy Vegan Quinoa Sushi

Japanese is probably my all time favorite cuisine, followed closely by Korean. So instead of having to go out every time I crave sushi, I decided to make my own!

This recipe uses quinoa instead of rice- quinoa is an gluten free ancient super grain, with a great nutritional profile. The ingredients here are what I usually opt for, but feel free to mix it up and try out new combinations!


Healthy Vegan Quinoa Sushi
1 Serving

1/2c. quinoa (dry)
nori sheets
rice vinegar

1 capsicum (green, red, orange, yellow)
1 small carrot
1/3 cucumber
1/2 avocado

1. Cook quinoa in saucepan as per usual, set aside to cool.
2. Meanwhile cut the filling ingredients into long thin slices.
3. Once quinoa has cooled, mix in approx 1tsp rice vinegar.
4. Lay out quinoa onto the nori, leaving 2-3cm at the end. Place the filling in a line across the nori.
5. Begin rolling from the side of the nori closet to you (where the filling is lined up) take your time to ensure it is tight all the way along. This will prevent the sushi from falling apart when you cut it later on.
6. When you reach the end, dab se water onto the nori to seal the roll.
7. Repeat till all the quinoa is used up, if you have left over filling you can either roll it into sushi, or eat them up (which is what I usually do)
8. Using a sharp knife cut the roll into smaller pieces. Be sure not to apply too much pressure or the roll with fall apart. Wipe the knife after each cut to help achieve a clean cut and repeat.
9. Serve with your favorites. I used tamari and my peanut butter dressing (See Below)

Peanut Butter Dressing:
2tbsp. peanut butter (crunchy or smooth)
1.5tbsp. organic apple cider vinegar
2tsp. honey
1/4 orange zest
ground ginger (recommended, but optional)
Mix together all ingredients, add water to adjust till desired consistency.

Photo: Mango and Avocado Quinoa Sushi


Love, Jenny xxx


2 thoughts on “Healthy Vegan Quinoa Sushi

  1. Yep. Totally going to make these. Your rolls are so perfect though! Mine always end up like little messes. Delicious, but…tiny messes. lol

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