Strawberry Caramel Tarts with Coconut Crust

If you follow me on Instagram you would know that I recently completed my IB (International Baccalaureate) Diploma and graduated from college. Between now and going to university, I have a fair length of time. During which I plan to try out and create more recipes for you all! And this is just one of the many to come!

I wasn’t quite sure how the crust would come out when experimenting, but I am so happy with how it tastes. The sweet coconut taste complements the strawberry caramel filling perfectly!


Strawberry Caramel Tarts with Coconut Crust
2 Tarts

Coconut Crust:
1c. oats
1/2c. coconut flakes
2tbsp. maple syrup
6 medjool dates (pitted, chopped)

1. Pulverize the oats and coconut in a blender/ food processor.
2. Add the maple syrup and dates, blend until a crumbly sticky paste forms.
3. Halve the mixture and press into two tart cases (Wetting your fingers prevents the mixture from sticking)
4. Place in freezer to set.

Strawberry Caramel Filling:
4 medjool dates
2 bananas
1 1/2c. strawberries
1tbsp water

5. Add all ingredients to your blender/ food processor, until well combined.
6. Remove crusts from freezer and pour over.
7. Return to the freezer for 30min-1hr (Or eat immediately if you are impatient like me!)


Love, Jenny xxx


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