Almond Cacao Bites with Maca Date Caramel

Winter begins officially here in New Zealand tomorrow, and of course the weather hasn’t been very forgiving… Though I can’t say I’m complaining because it’s given me the excuse to hide away at home all day, watching tv shows, reading and recipe experimenting!

This recipe is was adapted from thisrawsomeveganlife, personally I found the maca taste in the original recipe too overwhelming so I altered it to suit my taste. I hope you all like it, please tag me in your recipe creations, I would love to see!


Almond Cacao Bites with Maca Date Caramel
Makes Approx 28 Small Bites

Almond Cacao Bites
1c. almonds
14 large medjool dates
2tbsp. cacao powder
1tsp. vanilla extract

1. Blend the almonds into a flour using a strong food processor of blender
2. Add the cacao powder and vanilla extract, until well combined
3. With the food processor/ blender running, add dates to the mixture individually. The final consistency should be slightly crumbly, but sticky enough to hold together- it may take a while to acheive this, so be patient! I promise it’s worth it.
4. Once fully combined, press the mixture firmly into a large dish lined with baking paper. Place in fridge.

Maca Date Caramel
8 large medjool dates
1tsp. maca powder
approx 2/3c. water (to suitable consistency)

5. Add all ingredients to your food processor/ blender and blend till well combined.
6. Empty into a bowl and place in fridge.
7. After 1-2hrs remove Almond Cacao Bites from the fridge and cut into small circles using a cookie cutter. Reshape the remaining mixture to cut more circles
8. Scoop 1/2tsp. of caramel onto each cookie, and top with your favorite nuts (almonds, walnuts, pecans etc.)


Love, Jenny xxx


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