#1 Advice for Pursuing a Healthy Lifestyle + Spiced Apple Pie Oatmeal

I receive a lot of emails from girls who want to pursue a healthy lifestyle, and my biggest piece of advice for you all is:


Don’t expect to see phenomenal changes over a couple of weeks, it didn’t take you a couple of weeks to get to where you were! Be patient, trust that your body will find its balance and happy place in its own time.


Another important factor is, not to expect to be healthy and lean if you’re eating crap, even if you’re exercising for hours everyday. Providing your body with the correct nutrients is what slims you down, exercise gives you muscle definition. In conjunction, you will Acheive a lean toned physique!

I will be uploading a post regarding my healthy living- diet, exercise, lifestyle soon, as well as an update of going vegan. So keep an eye out for that!

As for the recipe! I felt like something warm and soothing on this cold winter morning. This oatmeal seriously resembles apple pie! The spices really perfect the flavor, feel free to adjust the measurements to suit your taste!


Spiced Apple Pie Oatmeal
1 Serving

1/2c. oats
1/2c. water
1/2c. non-dairy milk
1 apple, grated (red or green)
1tbsp. raisins
1tsp. cinnamon
1/2tsp. nutmeg
pinch of ginger

1. Bring water to a boil in saucepan, add oats and simmer on low heat.
2. Grate the apple and gradually pour in splashes of milk when water is absorbed.
3. Add grated apple to the oats and continue to cook, constantly stirring to prevent from burning.
4. Measure out raisins and spices (according to personal taste preference) then add to the oats.
5. Once desired consistency has been reached, transfer into a bowl and top with your favorite toppings- I used banana sprinkled with cinnamon, kiwi, mixed berries and almond peanut butter.


Love, Jenny xxx


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