Blackcurrant Acai Smoothie Bowl

There are a select number of fruits which remind me of summer, the hot sun, clear blue sky, warm air and cool breeze… Berries is defiantly one of them- along with melons and mangos.

Berries are are a ‘sub acid‘ fruit, they’re very versatile and can be combined with both ‘acid‘ and ‘sweet‘ fruits. Proper food combining is essential to achieving optimum digestion and maximum absorption of the nutrients! They are also full of antioxidants and are a beauty food, encouraging a fresh glowing complexion and various health benefits. So what’s not to like?!


Blackcurrant Acai Smoothie Bowl
1 Serving

6 frozen bananas
2/3c. frozen blackcurrants
3tsp. acai powder (approx. 6 capsules)
water to combine

1. Cut up ripe bananas and place the slices in the freezer for at least 4-6hrs.
2. Add the frozen bananas, blackcurrants, acai and water into the blender.
3. If the mixture has trouble properly combining, add another splash of water.
4. Pour out and serve with fresh fruits!


Love, Jenny xxx


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