Mango Pear Smoothie Bowl

So, one day I came home just craving a fruit smoothie. But of course that had to be the day I ran out of bananas (yes, it does happen on rare occasions!) Luckily I had a large stock of pears, so I tried to put together with some sort of concoction to satisfy my ‘need’. Personally I thought this was very successful and I enjoyed it very much. I loved how refreshing it tasted, so awakening and sweet, just perfect!


Mango Pear Smoothie
1 Serving

For a more chilled taste, place the fruits in the fridge 3-4hrs prior to making the smoothie.

2 pears
1 mango
1 small papaya
2tbsp. organic coconut sugar
9 large ice cubes
splash of water- to desired consistency

1. Core and slice the pears, remove pit from mango and seeds from papaya. Put all these to the blender.
2. Add the rest of the ingredients, and blend till smooth.
3. Pour out and serve with fresh fruits.

Love, Jenny xxx


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