Creamy Rich Vanilla Coconut Oatmeal

A fairly recent discovery of mine is Almond Coconut Milk– I know, whhaattt?! Just when you thought almond and coconut milk alone was good, there’s a combination! And let me tell you, it tastes AH-MA-ZING! When I have this milk on hand I always use it for my oatmeal and wow, just the perfect breakfast!


Vanilla Coconut Oatmeal
1 Serving

2/3c. oatmeal (use gluten free if needed)
1/3c. water
3/4c. almond coconut milk (or regular coconut milk)
1tsp. pure vanilla extract
1-2tbsp. coconut sugar

1. Bring water to boil in saucepan, add oats, on low heat (This contributes to making the oatmeal creamy! But if you’re in a rush and don’t mind, then feel free to turn it up)
2. Once water is absorbed, pour in little amounts of the milk and stir continuously.
3. Once liquid is absorbed, add more milk, and the vanilla, keep stirring.
4. Continue this process until all the milk is used up and preferred consistency is achieved.
5. Pour out a top with your favorites- I used mixed berries.


Love, Jenny xxx



4 thoughts on “Creamy Rich Vanilla Coconut Oatmeal

  1. Yum! This is awesome, I just purchased some of the combined milk as the supermarket had run out of almond. Looking forward to trying this, it looks delicious!

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