Sweet Vegan Roast Vegetables (Oil + Salt Free)


Sweet Vegan Roast Vegetables (Oil + Salt Free)
1 Serving

4 potatoes
3 carrots
8 white button mushrooms
1 beetroot
2-3tbsp. coconut sugar
few sprigs of parsley

Ensure all your vegetables are fresh and appropriately prepared, washed and cleaned thoroughly.

1. Place a tray of water at the bottom of your oven, this will evaporate slightly and prevent the vegetables from becoming too dry. Preheat to 200C.

2. Prepare two baking trays lined with non stick baking paper.

3. Peel the beetroot, potatoes, and carrots, then cut them into whatever shape you prefer (cubes, sticks etc)

4. Spread the potatoes over the lined tray evenly and pop it into the oven on the top. Set the timer for 35-40min (depending on the size of your vegetables)

5. Cut the mushrooms into quarters. Transfer them along with the carrots and beetroot into a bowl and mix it with the coconut sugar.

6.Pour the mixture over the tray, spread it out evenly and place into the oven.

7. Once the timer goes off, check that the veggies are well cooked, they should be slightly brown and crisp.

8. I like to keep my potatoes savoury, so I transfer it into a separate bowl. However, I’ve deliberately chosen not to add any salt, it’s one of the nutrients I’m always very aware off. Sodium causes water retention and bloating, which is very true for myself, therefore I always avoid adding salt if I’m able to.

9. Taste the sweetness of the carrots, mushrooms and beetroot; add more coconut sugar if necessary.

10. Serve immediately.


Love, Jenny xxx


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