My Current Obsession with Asian Pears + Back to Basics Pear Smoothie

Hey there my loves, it’s been a while… As many of you know, I was overseas visiting my family in China for the past three months and if you are unaware, once you are in mainland China, most of the social media sites are blocked by the server. Yup, I was prepared to live three whole months free of Facebook, Snapchat, Gmail, Twitter, Instagram and WordPress (which potentially could have been beneficial?) Luckily my cousin was able to help me use another server path to access these websites, mainly so I could keep up with my Instagram posts.

Now I am back in New Zealand (at least for the next month or so before flying off- but let’s not get ahead of ourselves), and I will try my best to post and update you all as frequently as I can. During those months in China, I rediscovered my love for Asian pears, I distinctly remember mum making her special pear recipe for me whenever I was sick, I’m not sure what it was, but even now, eating them makes me feel like I’m hitting the ‘Reset’ button of my body. I just love how crisp and juicy they are, so incredibly sweet, it is up there with bananas, mangos and persimmons on my fruity favourites list. I actually broke the blender in China trying to make nana icecream, but now that I’m back, with access to my blendtec again (thank goodness), I’ve been drinking this juice almost everyday!


Back to Basics Pear Smoothie
Makes slightly over 50oz. (1.5L) 

3 Large Asian pears (They shaped similar to apples, and have brown skin)
1c. Natural coco juice
1tsp. Flaxseed (ground)
9 Large icecubes (optional. It is summer in New Zealand, so I prefer having chilled drinks, I probably wouldn’t suggest adding ice if you are in winter, but hey if you’re feeling daring then go for it!)

1. Peal the pears using a normal potato pealer (or a small knife if you are skilful enough- which I am not by the way), remove the core and cut into medium sized pieces- this will help them to blend better later on.

2. Add all the pear slices into a blender, along with the rest of the ingredients and blend up until it is nice and smooth, feel free to adjust the consistency by adding more coco juice or another pear.

3. Pour out into your favourite jar/ cup/ bowl/ just drink it straight from the blender with a straw… (guilty!) Serve immediately.


Love, Jenny xxx


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