Gingerbread Caramel Smoothie Bowl

Ginger. I love it. I love it for both sweet and savoury dishes, I find that it adds the perfect amount of spice. No words.

I went strawberry picking this morning, this the only type of hunting I’ll ever be doing! In the afternoon I decided to take a moment for myself, so I went out and read a book on the deck. Wow, it is HOT out there, the ozone layer of New Zealand is practically non-existent, therefore the sun rays are very powerful. I decided to whip up a nice cooling snack, so what is better than some fresh and juicy fruit? Nothing. Exactly. I generally don’t have a specific idea about what I’m going to eat until I actually begin preparing it, so I started off with my usual frozen bananas and almond milk, then just continued to add ingredients, which led me to creating… The best ever (EVER) ginger spiced smoothie, this literally tastes like liquid gingersnap cookies! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!


Gingerbread Caramel Smoothie Bowl
1 bowl (as a snack)

4 Frozen bananas
1/2c. Coconut water/ juice
1/4c. Almond coconut milk
3 Large medjool dates
1tsp. Organic lacuma powder
1/2tsp. Organic molasses
1/2- 1tsp. Organic coconut sugar
A generous pinch of ground ginger

To Serve (optional)
Vegan gingernut cookies
Handful of medjool dates

Remember you need to freeze your bananas the night (or at least several hours) in advance to making this recipe, simply peel and cut fresh bananas into chunks, pop inside a ziplock bag or container and leave it inside the freezer overnight.

1. Take your frozen bananas out of the freezer, break them into smaller pieces if the slices are frozen together- This will help them come together smoother and blend more efficiently.

2. Add the ground ginger, lacuma, coconut sugar, and molasses, pit and cut the dates into quarters and pop in the blender as well

3. Finally pour in the coconut water and almond milk. Blend on high till smooth and creamy, you can adjust the consistency by adding more liquid (to thin), or more frozen bananas (to thicken).

4. Transfer the smoothie to a large bowl, crumble in a couple of gingernut cookies and a few dates to serve.


Love, Jenny xxx



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