My Thoughts on Society’s Diet “Norms” + Layered Caramel and Blueberry Nana Icecream

People are always shocked when they find out I often eat bananas as a meal, I’ve had all sorts of reactions, “10?! But you’re so tiny, how do you fit them in your stomach?”, “Eugh, that is so boring!”, “Don’t you get sick of eating so many bananas?”, “Now that can’t be good for your health.”, “Well bananas and carbs make you fat…” the list goes on but I’ll stop here, I’m sure you get the idea.
Isn’t it bizarre that eating food with high fat and salt content is now considered “normal” amongst society? You will rarely hear people criticizing those who eat greasy fast-food meals for lunch, or expressing concern towards friends and colleagues that are practically fueled by caffeine. Yet the sentence, “I’m a vegan, and I eat an abundance of fresh wholesome fruits and veggies” acts almost as an immediate trigger to a train of ‘reasons’ why the vegan lifestyle is ‘deficient of so many nutrients’ and everyone is suddenly an expert on protein, B12 and calcium. Why is this the case?

Well after a period of thinking and browsing through articles on the Internet, I narrowed it down to two main reasons:

1. The media’s influence
In this modern day and age, it is almost impossible to avoid the media and the messages it portrays. Television advertisements stressing the importance of milk for strong bones, posters at the gym showing the before and after photos of taking protein supplements, diet fads in latest magazines suggesting that carbs are the devil, new fast-food branches popping up around the corner etc. How could we not be influenced when this information is everywhere, constantly bombarding us. Therefore, when people hear about a lifestyle which contradicts everything that has been projected as ‘essential’, it will naturally come across as a shock, and possibly even ‘unhealthy’.
The truth is, companies and industries will do anything (I mean it!) to sell their products, even if it means presenting a false image which in reality is detrimental to our health. If you don’t believe me, I encourage you to do your own research, read detailed studies and articles regarding the meat and dairy industry. Educate yourself, or rather ‘vegucate’ yourself. Your body is your own, in the end it is your responsibility and your choice how you want to treat it.

2. Human nature
It’s surprising how defensive most people become when their choice of lifestyle is criticized- myself included. No one (well, at least no one I know ) likes to be told that their personal choice of living is in fact damaging their health, and in many incidents leading them down the fast route to death, it’s killing them.
I believe that as humans we all exhibit an extent of pride within our characters. This pride, is what makes it so difficult for us to accept theories and ideologies which are contrary to what we have believe, or to be more accurate- have been ‘brainwashed’ into believing.
So, first of all put your pride aside (it’s hard I know, but you can do it!) that is step one to growing and learning. Step two, is educating yourself as I mentioned above. Read related blogs, research articles, watch documentaries and find out the raw truth behind the meat and dairy industry, I think you owe yourself that much.

Sorry for rambling on, you all know I have a tendency to go off on a tangent… But please, do yourself a favour, and do the research! If you have any thoughts post them below, I would love to read what you think (:

Alright, now onto the recipe…


Just the blueberry layer (:

Layered Caramel and Blueberry Nana Icecream 
1 Large Serving

Caramel Layer:
3-4 Frozen bananas
3-5 Medjool dates (pitted and cut into quarters)
1/2tbsp. Organic lacuma powder
1/3c. Organic unsweetened almond milk (Or any non dairy milk)

Blueberry Layer:
3-4 Frozen bananas
1/2- 1tbsp. Organic coconut sugar
1/4- 1/2c. Frozen blueberries (Fresh blueberries will work fine as well, the texture will just be less viscous)
1/3c. Organic unsweetened almond milk (Or any non dairy milk)

To Serve (optional)
Coyo (My favourite vegan yoghurt, I am officially addicted to this stuff, it’s amazing!)
Fresh Blueberries
Medjool Dates (cut into smaller chunks)
Your choice of fresh fruits! I added pom seeds, strawberries and a couple of fresh cherries.

Remember you need to freeze your bananas the night (or at least several hours) in advance to making this recipe, simply peel and cut fresh bananas into chunks, pop inside a ziplock bag or container and leave it inside the freezer overnight.

1. Take your frozen bananas out of the freezer, the slices tend to stick together I suggest breaking them into smaller pieces before chucking them into the blender. This helps them come together smoother and blend more efficiently.

Hi! Read me please: It is entirely up to you how you want to layer this, I chose to start with the caramel layer- purely because if I didn’t, the purple colour of the blueberry layer would likely alter the colour of the caramel layer (and I’m too lazy to wash my blender inbetween)

2. Add all the ingredients of the caramel layer nana ice cream to the blender and blend until well combined, pour out into a large jar, and put into the freezer.

3. Repeat for the blueberry layer, and pour over the caramel layer.

4. Serve immediately with your preferred toppings.


Love, Jenny xxx



4 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Society’s Diet “Norms” + Layered Caramel and Blueberry Nana Icecream

  1. Hola me encanta tu receta; yo recién estoy aprendiendo a hacer estas recetas naturales fíjate que a raíz de haber engordado mucho y entender que no hay peor cosa que la comida grasosa e indigesta es lo peor; decidi convertirme en vegana y estoy descubriendo un nuevo mundo conoci a una amiga que es vegana y he hablado mucho al respecto con ella. Quisiera que me digas algunos nombres de los ingredientes que no entiendo que son como coyo y medjool….?? Tambien lo que llamas Orgánica polvo lacuma no entiendo que son esos ingredientes o me puedes decir como son o que otro nombre tienen tal vez y que es lo que le pones encima de todo?? Gracias

    • Hi there, I’m so glad to hear about your choice to become vegan, weldone!
      Coyo is a brand of coconut based yoghurt, which is suitable for vegans- I have created a link to their official website. I’m not sure whether it is available where you are, but if it is then I definitely recommend giving it a go.
      Medjool dates are a specific type of date, they’re quite large and juicy- also happen to be ky favourite, but you can use any type of date in this recipe. (Dates are a type of fruit)
      Lacuma powder is made from the lacuma fruit by dehydrating the pulp. It is an excellent health food, rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, a natural sweetener- jr tends to add a maple/ caramel like sweetness, which is why i chose to use it in this particular recipe.
      I hope that answers your questions!

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