REVIEW: The Hungry Elephant, Vegan Inspired Jewelry

I was honoured to be sent a collection of goodies by Tiffany from The Hungry Elephant, an online company which sells beautiful vegan inspired jewellery, “Our charms of compassion embody a plant-based lifestyle aiming to harm none and to spread kindness throughout the world” is their philosophy. All of their products are cruelty free and eco friendly, the metals used are nickel, lead and toxic free which ensures comfort for the wearers

Disclaimer: Yes, these items was sent to me, but I have no obligation to post a review, all the following are my own true opinions.


As you can see, Tiffany sent me a generous combination of products, three Tails of Kindness bracelets (all 14k gold plated, charm measures 1.2cmx 1.1cm), a wired and a handmade braided bracelet. Let’s get a closer look at the products shall we?

Tails of Kindness- Theoelephant

Tails of Kindness- Flintbird

Tails of Kindness- Bellacow

There are also two other items available (Reikobunny and Benedictwhale) in this line. I am a big fan of delicate jewellery, so I was very excited when I opened the package, these bracelets looked lovely on the wrist both layered and singularly, they minimalist yet very intricate. However I did find the clasp quite difficult to work with, I actually had to ask someone to help me put the bracelets on, which is a drawback if you’re in a rush or tend to remove your jewellery often. The sizes sent to me were also too big (but this should not be an issue as they sell their products in many sizes) so they did dangle loosely from my wrist, but other than that, I am happy with the quality and the style of them.

Wired V Bracelet and Karuna V Braided Bracelet

These last two style of bracelets are available in rose gold, gold and silver, which I think is a great, I love the detailing of the V charm with the leaf, I think it’s a clever representation of the plant based lifestyle without compromising the unique design of the piece.
According to their website, the Karuna band “twists within each other reminding ourselves of who we are and what we stand for” and the “red color of the band symbolizes Karuna’ [compassionate action] and the essence of life, vitality, love, prosperity, and joy”. This bracelet is very light and comfortable to wear, I almost forget that I have it on, however like the Tails of Kindness bracelets, I did have to spend some time manoeuvring with the knot. On the other hand, the wired V bracelet was very easy to put on and take off, it’s also lightweight and malleable (be careful!), but I do find it difficult to style with other pieces of jewellery.


I definitely enjoyed these bracelets, I love the philosophy and mindset behind these beautiful works and fully support their hard working team. These bracelets are a creative way to showcase your passion for cruelty free living; affordable, use great materials, does no harm to the environment, you, or anyone else, dainty and fun! If they just worked on the clasp for the Tails of Kindness bracelets, I would probably repurchase that entire collection in a smaller size.

I hope this was helpful and enjoy the rest of your week!

Love, Jenny xxx


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