Strawberry Nana Icecream

I have actually been struggling with successfully making nana icecream lately, for those of you non- New Zealanders, summer has been especially hot this year (which I am personally very happy about!) And it seems like with this heat, the ‘icecream’ always turns into a smoothie by the time the texture is smooth. I’ve tried everything- adding water instead of almond milk, different milks, adding chia and flaxseed, omitting liquids altogether… So this morning I thought, why not add a couple ice cubes to further cool things down? And you know what- it actually worked!



Strawberry Nana Icecream
1 Small Serving

4 Large frozen bananas
1/3- 1/2c. Frozen strawberries
4 Ice cubes (optional- I’ve found that adding a few ice cubes helps thicken the icecream)
1/4c. Coconut almond milk

Remember you need to freeze your bananas the night (or at least several hours) in advance to making this recipe, simply peel and cut fresh bananas into chunks, pop inside a ziplock bag or container and leave it inside the freezer overnight.

1. Take your frozen bananas out of the freezer, the slices tend to stick together I suggest breaking them into smaller pieces before chucking them into the blender. This helps them come together smoother and blend more efficiently.

2. Add the rest of the ingredients and blend until a thick and creamy texture has been achieved.

2. Transfer into a large bowl and serve with your preferred toppings!


Love, Jenny xxx



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