REVIEW: Frank Body Coffee Scrub (AKA. My man, but I’m happy to share…)

I have to admit I’m generally quite sceptical about buying products online, especially if they claim to have some revolutionary effect, however I simply couldn’t ignore the hype that was going around with this new coffee scrub, so I was absolutely thrilled when they offered to send me a sample.

Before I get started with anything, I would like to make a disclaimer: Yes, this scrub was sent to me, but I have no obligation to post a review, all the following are my own true opinions, I would never recommend something to you unless I would happily repurchase it myself (which I have already- twice!) With that out of the way, lets get on with the review…

Now, if you haven’t yet heard of Frank then allow me to introduce him to you: Frank is an all natural vegan (wooo!) coffee based body scrub, produced using local ingredients from Australia. Not only does it help to buff away those dead skin cells, according to their website, Frank also targets dry skin, stretch marks, cellulite, eczema, psoriasis, acne and scarring. If you’re interested to read more I suggest checking out their FAQ’s.


I was sent the original body scrub, which is suitable for all skin types, however Frank now has a range of scrubs (coconut, cacao and peppermint) all of which use the same coffee base, but have slightly different oils and ingredients in order to target different concerns, such as sore muscles, mature or sensitive skin types. I received the package in the mail shortly after Frank contacted me, the instructions of how to use the scrub are clearly printed on the back of the product, along with a full list of ingredients (hallelujah!) The original coffee scrub is comprised of:

Coffea Robusta Seed Powder (Coffee), Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Water (Aqua), Sodium Chloride (Salt), Sucrose (Brown Sugar), Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Natural fragrance (Parfum)

I never use products which do not display a full ingredient list, it’s important to know what you are putting on your skin because that then gets absorbed into your body as well. I love how minimal the ingredients are, each serves a purpose to help your skin feel soft and supple after a scrub with Frank!
The coffee granules scrub away that dry, flakey top layer of skin, I also find massaging it into my skin very relaxing and somewhat de-stressing. Ever heard of a sea salt bath? Sea salt is a natural detoxifier, it helps absorb the dirt and toxins from the skin, the magnesium present in sea salt also aids in reducing fluid retention, leaving the skin cleansed and firm. Many of the scrubs I’ve tried in the past were overly abrasive and left my skin feeling raw and sore, that is where the natural cold pressed sweet almond oil and orange oils come in, they act to moisturise and soothe the skin, you’ll walk out of the bathroom with skin so soft you won’t believe it!


If you haven’t already guessed, I am fully converted to this stuff. I was very pleasantly surprise when I first used this in the shower. After massaging it into into my skin using light to moderate pressure in circular motions (yes my face as well!), I let Frank work his magic for around 10 minutes (in winter and now around 5 minutes in summer). Just a heads up that you will get quite messy in the shower, I ended up getting coffee on the bathroom floor and shower walls, but that’s a small price to pay for such an amazing product! After the scrub has dried, I will rinse it off with warm water, again using circular motions, it leaves the most phenomenal smoothness and suppleness to the skin, I am always amazed at how wonderful it feels (and smells!). After the shower, I carefully pat dry my body as opposed to dragging the towel across wet patches- which can be irritating and abrasive to dry skin, it is not necessary to follow with a moisturizer because your skin will be as soft as a baby’s bottom, but I always slather on a layer of organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil, my all time favourite beauty product (maybe I’ll do a post on it!). Personally I only use this scrub if I’ll be staying home for the rest of the day, as I don’t want to apply any makeup over my freshly cleansed skin, but again, that is up to personal preference.

I’ve been using Frank coffee scrub for around half a year now, and I’ve definitely seen improvements with scarring and my skin texture, I don’t see myself going without this stuff any time soon!

Would I recommend this to you?
Yes! 100x yes! I cannot think of any situation in which Frank would not be suitable for (well, maybe if you’re allergic to coffee..) The shipping is fast and they do free shipping for a lot of countries. Give a go, I promise you wont regret it!

Have you spent any time with Frank? What are your thoughts?

Love, Jenny xxx


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