REVIEW: Me and my Spin (70% OFF Code: HealthySpin)

For the past month, I have been trying out the Spin for Perfect Skin set from Vanity Planet, and I today I am going to give you my thoughts about this product.

As mentioned previously in my current skincare routine, my skin is dry, sensitive and mildly acne prone.

Disclaimer // I am not a skincare expert, this is based on my personal experience and opinions about the product. Considering everyone’s skin is different, I am not guaranteeing miracles, so please do your research before purchasing (:

I get quite a few questions regarding the difference between the Spinbrush and the Clarisonic, so I would like to address this first. I have owned my Clarisonic Mia for over three years now and I must admit I do prefer the Spinbrush over it. Despite using the sensitive brush head for the Clarisonic, I found it very abrasive on my skin, left it feeling tight and often caused my skin to purge, even after several months of use. I know many people swear by the Clarisonic and I am not discrediting that, but personally it did not agree with my skin; and for $140AUD  I was very disappointed. Unlike the Clarisonic, the Spinbrush bristles are very soft and did not cause any irritation; the set includes, the brush handle and four attachable brush heads- cleansing, exfoliating, body and pumice. So not only can I use this product as part of my skincare routine, but also in the shower as body care.

The Spinbrush retails for $100, but thanks to the team at VanityPlanet you can get 70% off your purchase, so you only need to pay $30. Using my promotional code: HEALTHYSPIN. If you’re interested you can buy the Spinbrush here

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Cleansing Facial Brush (small white head) 

I use the Spinbrush on my face twice a week with my Juice Beauty cleanser (pictured above), the facial brush is very gentle on my sensitive skin and also effective in buffing away those patches of dry flakey skins. I generally apply one pump of my cleanser directly to the wet brush head and transfer the product onto my forehead, cheeks, chin and nose, before turning on the the Spinbrush. The brush rotates at moderate speed in a circular motion, I simply guide it over my face slowly and softly, not applying much pressure at all, usually for 1-2 minutes then I thoroughly rinse off the cleanser and pat my face dry with a flannel.

Exfoliating Brush (small grey head)

Once or twice a month I will switch the facial brush for the exfoliating brush, giving my skin a deeper cleanse. The bristles of this brush head are slightly tougher, but luckily my skin has not had any problems with it, and the next morning my skin was evidently brighter and smoother (:

Since incorporating this extra step into my skincare routine I have noticed the texture of my skin improve dramatically, particularly along my forehead and the perimeters of my face. The persistent flakey dry patches I have been struggling with for months have also diminished greatly in conjunction with the use of the Truself Organics Body Butter. In addition, my past acne scars on my cheeks have lightened up and are now much less visible.

Body Brush (large white head)

This is probably my favourite brush, I use this in the shower all over with my body wash as a form of exfoliation two to three times a week. The brush itself is quite a bit larger than the face brushes, which is perfect for an all over body cleanse and getting to those tough spots like between your shoulder blades. My skin always feels so plump and soft after coming out to shower, I usually follow with a body cream or lotion to really lock in that moisture and leave me feeling smoooootthh.

Pumice Stone

This brush head is perfect for evening out rough dry patches, like the heel of your foot and your elbows- NOTE: This is not for your face. I personally do not have any areas like this on my body so I can’t vouch for its effectiveness, but I did let mum give it a go in the shower and she loved it!

I hope that this review was helpful for you, if you have any further questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments and I’ll be sure to answer them.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Spinbrush for yourself, the team at VanityPlanet has kindly offered to give you 70% off your purchase, from $100 to only $30! Using my promotional code: HEALTHYSPIN or follow the link here

Have a wonderful weekend!

Love, Jenny xxx


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